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Nina, Jade & Lili

Happy and content on top of a puffy little cloud, Nina the funny rabbit, Jade the beautiful unicorn and Lili the adorable turtle are having so much fun, blowing bubbles and smiling  in their joyful, magical world.

In a universe of orchids, creams and powdery pinks, these three small friends will gently wake up your baby. Come and join the magical, soft and beautiful world of Nina, Jade & Lili!

Nina, Jade & Lili

Feeling & emotion

Max, Noa & Tom

Max the dog, Noa the horse and Tom the bear feel like little princes in their friendly little kingdom full of crowns!

With ultra-soft fabrics in a neutral theme in white, beige, taupe and grey, these Nattou cuddlies will keep your baby happy all day long.

Max, Noa & Tom


Jack, Jules & Nestor

Jack the elephant and Jules the bear are the best of friends, and on their journey together, they met a cute little duck named Nestor.

This stylish Nattou boys collection combines aqua, grey and warm turquoise colors in these elegant and cuddly baby toys.

Jack, Jules & Nestor

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Personalize your cuddly animals!

Your baby is unique, and now your Nattou cuddly can be, too! You can have a name and, a date embroidered on a bath cape or on a doudou. This unique and memorable present for your own baby, or for another set of proud parents. Start immediately and surprise someone with an beautiful, soft and unique.


Lost your doudou?

It’s always a stressful time, to lose one of your favorite cuddlies, both for you and for your baby. But don’t worry!  We keep most cuddlies on hand, so that you can soon dry your baby’s tears.

The world of Nattou



Nattou maintains a beautiful, modern set of bedroom furniture with light touches of color, in perfect balance with our cuddly toys. Your baby’s room can be just as pleasant and smooth as a nap on a cloud.
Why Nattou?

Why Nattou?

All Nattou cuddly and doudou toys use carefully selected fabrics and materials, chosen for their gentleness, safety and durability
Tattou is part of the next generation of baby monitors, with a unique combination of usability and design. Wi-Fi enabled or ZERO Emission.

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