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Teething 101

Baby’s first teeth can be quite the ordeal for both parents and baby. As a concerned parent, you just want to soothe your little one and ease their pain. But don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. These helpful tips will make the entire process a lot more bearable for your little treasure. Gum massage Baby’s […]

Golden cuddly tips

Tip 1

Attach a label to the Nattou cuddly with your contact info on it. That way, it will be easier for your baby’s lost cuddly to find its way home if it gets lost.

Tip 2

After you wash it, take your Nattou cuddly to your own bed for a few nights. Then, when you put it in your baby’s bed, it will smell like you, and so your baby will feel even more safe and comfortable with it.

Tip 3

Buy two of the same Nattou cuddly and keep the second one aside. This way, if your baby loses its cuddly, you can be the hero and replace, almost as if by magic!

Values of Nattou

Nattou cuddly toys that are soft and supporting friends for your baby.  The Nattou cuddlies are with your baby as it explores the world, when it drifts off to sleep and all the other moments of its first few months. Nattou cuddly toys give your little one the trust, security and comfort they need in the crucial early stages of their growth and development.


Behind the scenes

Our designers are infant development specialists. They know how to address parents’ concerns in the creation of Nattou cuddlies. Fabrics and materials are selected for softness, safety, and durability, so every Nattou creation can handle the joy and excitement your baby is sure to bring!  And designs are all colorful and engaging, following the suggestions of recent research, to help capture and keep your baby’s interest!



Since 1988, Nattou has been designing and producing playful little friends for your most special little person. Our soft and durable materials create an enchanting environment for your little one, all up to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Quality – Safety – Softness

Nattou makes every effort to ensure that your baby can play and love and cuddle happily.. The design of every Nattou toy, the selection of the fabrics, cutting, sewing, even the finishing and packing are all meticulously checked to meet European safety standards. This way, Nattou can guarantee safe cuddling for your baby, and comfort for you.



How to take care of your favourite toy?

  • Before giving the new Nattou cuddly to your baby, it is recommended to wash it first.
  • To protect the cuddly during washing, you can put it in a pillowcase first.
  • Always respect the specific washing instructions indicated on each Nattou cuddly.
  • With the right care, you will be able to enjoy your Nattou product for a very long time. Please always follow the instructions on the labels.
  • Clean only the surface of the product, hand wash.
  • Machine washable at maximum 30° C
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry