Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up the Nattou playpen

How to use the Nattou rockers

Are Nattou toys approved by safety standards?

We make every effort to guarantee that Nattou baby products are only the highest quality. Nattou products comply with all valid safety standards and regular testing procedures.

Even in the design process, our talented team is thinking of your baby’s safety and development . During production, we check the quality check at every stage. And finally, before shipment, all Nattou cuddly and doudou toys pass a metal detector and undergo a final inspection, in order to make sure they meet our requirements.  However, every  soft toy still remains 100% handmade baby toy, from start to finish.

What do you have to do when your Nattou product is broken?

Nattou does not handle repairs, replacement of parts and replacement of our products directly. For these issues, please contact your point of sale.

We take quality seriously, and all our products have a two-year warranty for any manufacturing defects, so please make sure to keep your receipt! If your cuddly or doudou is still under warranty, you can contact the store where you bought it and work out the problem. .



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Playpen basic

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Playpen comfort

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Play crib

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Stuffed playmat

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Download the PDF manual.