Teething 101

Baby’s first teeth can be quite the ordeal for both parents and baby. As a concerned parent, you just want to soothe your little one and ease their pain. But don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. These helpful tips will make the entire process a lot more bearable for your little treasure.

Gum massage

Baby’s gums can be quite sore right before those first teeth come in. Make your little one feel better by gently massaging their gums to relieve discomfort. Use a clean finger or the back of a teaspoon to softly rub the area around the incoming tooth.

Chilled nibbles

A tasty treat from the fridge might just alleviate those teething pains. Is your baby not on solids yet? Put the nipple of your baby’s bottle in the fridge. It will make for a more pleasant feeding for you and your precious little one.

Another cleverly cool teething trick: give your little one a piece of fruit or veg from the fridge to nibble on, like carrot or watermelon. Plenty of parents opt for frozen treats, but frozen foods have been proven to be bad for your little one’s gums and overall health. Play it safe and stick to goodies from the fridge.

Teething toys

Give your baby a teething ring to nibble on to their heart’s content. Just make sure you get one in BPA-free silicone. Some teething rings sport wooden components as well, which is just fine in our book.

You can also find pacifinders in BPA-free silicone. Attach them to your baby’s dummy and you just know they’ll never go without.

Give us a hug!

Is your little one still feeling the boo-boo despite your best efforts? Then it’s definitely time for some world-class snuggles. Simply being there for your precious little one is guaranteed to make them more at ease. Nothing beats a cuddle from the person that loves you most.