How to protect your baby from the sun and the heat.

Summer is in full swing and the sun just feels lovely on our skin. It’s easy to forget that the delightful yellow orb in the sky could pose quite the danger to our little ones. Don’t fret, though. With just a few clever precautions you can enjoy the wonderful weather with your baby completely worry-free. A few useful tips:

Never leave baby in the car

Not even for a minute! If you’re making a quick pit-stop on your way to a sunny destination, take your little one out of the car with you. It only takes a few minutes for the hot sun to turn your car into an oven, so prevent heat stroke and severe dehydration by just taking your baby along. Afraid they’ll be fussy? Let their favorite Lapidou tag along to soothe them while you run your errand.

Plan wisely

It’s tempting to take out our little ones at the hottest time of the day. After all, don’t we have cute hats, sunscreen, parasols and shaded strollers? Helpful though they may be, it would be wise to plan outings in the morning or the late afternoon and avoid the outdoors when the sun is at its hottest.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Make sure you give baby plenty of fluids, like water or formula. You can never have too many sippy cups! If your baby’s old enough to eat fruit, a nice piece of watermelon will also do the trick, but uhm… you might want to have that bib ready, and maybe even a spare outfit.

Provide a cool place to sleep

Even when it’s dark, bedrooms can still be too hot for your little one. Ventilate properly, but make sure to keep baby’s crib away from drafts. If the room is a little hotter than usual, just take away the blanket and let baby sleep in some lovely cotton pyjamas.

Looking for a buddy to keep baby company on safe, sunny adventures? Alex the donkey  is up for the job!