Good news: your baby is happier than you think!

As a parent, you probably work tirelessly to address your baby’s every need. But it’s not always easy to tell whether or not you’re doing enough; everyone wants their child to be happy, but in the early stages of their life, they might not be all that expressive. Here are some ways you can tell you’re doing a good job in raising a happy baby.

No news means good news

In the first month of their life most babies have not even learned to smile yet. But that’s okay! Your baby doesn’t need to smile for you to know you are doing a good job. Typically, a baby will complain when one of their needs is not being met, but a lot of the time, if they aren’t crying or giving you frowny faces, it probably means they are very happy with the life you are giving them. Newborn babies have not yet learned to show a big range of expressions, but trust that your presence, voice and smiles are comforting to them. If they don’t feel happy, they will tell you.

Visible signs of discomfort

Not all babies will cry at the first sign of discomfort. For example, in their first few months of life, many babies will shuffle around and try to adjust their position if they aren’t satisfied with the way you hold them. Make sure their diaper is clean and they are well fed, as these can cause a little discomfort, but if they remain calm and still in your arms, you are doing something right.

When they become more expressive

Some time after their first month, your little boy or girl will start to smile, and later laugh, as a direct reaction to something you are doing with them, such as making silly noises, playing with their hands or feet, or tickling them a little with these soft bunny ears. When their ability to express happiness begins to develop, it’s important to spend time doing these things your baby loves to smile or laugh at! It’s a great bonding experience for all.

One-year-olds (and beyond)

After a year of watching you and laughing with you, your baby might start trying to make you laugh. They start developing a sense of humor, and from what they’ve observed, even the simplest of situations can be a source of endless laughter. Have them play peekaboo with a little doudou and see who cracks up the most. Making you happy will make them happy too, and it will further strengthen the bond between you and your precious young one.