Baby is walking — now what?

Baby takes his or her first steps! Once you get over the excitement, you suddenly realize your life has changed (again!) forever. Gone is the portable little person you could move from place to place and be confident they would stay where they were put. Suddenly your home is a place of discovery and potential hazards. Here are a few things to do to keep baby safe, happy and engaged.

Look at your house from baby’s point of view — literally.

Get down on your hands and knees and take a look around. This is the terrain s/he will be navigating. You’ll be able to spot potential trouble spots much more easily. Anything fragile, valuable, delicate…move it up and away. Replace attractive breakables with soft cuddlies.

Give me some space

Your baby has outgrown infant playthings, so provide an age-appropriate play space. A rocker or chair just for for him or her and some favorite toys will turn an empty space into a cozy corner just for your toddler.

Kitchen safety musts

Baby will want to spend time in the kitchen, especially when you are working there. Create a safe space by installing baby-proof latches on all cabinets and putting guards on all stove knobs. Always turn pot handles away from the edge. Don’t leave knives out on counters or tables where little hands can reach for them.

A few bumps and bruises are an inevitable part of a baby’s life as s/he learns to navigate the world. But some vigilance and care can help keep them to a happy minimum.