All aboard: quick and clean tips for baby’s first bath

Baby bath time is precious. It can become a wonderful ritual where you and your little one bond, and where you can make baby laugh, relax and have a great time. Does that sound good? Great! There are just a few things you need to know to ensure that bath time is a fun, safe and enjoyable activity for both baby and mommy or daddy.

The right time and place

Don’t start bathing your precious little one until their umbilical cord has fallen off. Get an appropriate baby tub or even fill up the sink for some fun bath time. When using the latter, do make sure to clean it out before filling it back up. Hygiene is incredibly important for your baby!

The right temperature

Start off with a steady stream of cold water and then start adding hot water as you go. Make sure to keep a water thermometer on hand and heat up the bath water until it reaches approximately 37 degrees Celsius. This will feel lukewarm to you, but it’s just perfect for the baby.

Safety first

Though bath time is an incredibly fun activity, some caution is advised. Never ever ever leave baby alone in the tub, even if you think there’s no way they could slide down or turn onto their bellies. Always provide ample head support when sliding baby into the bath and keep your little one from sliding down too far into the water.

Soap and shampoo

Make sure to use products that don’t have added perfumes or dyes, as they might irritate sensitive baby skin. Use a soft washcloth to wash baby’s hands, arms, armpits, shoulders, chest, tummy, loins and legs and remember to be nice and gentle. Then carefully flip your precious one onto its side and wash baby’s back and bottom.

Fun times

Don’t forget to have fun! Get a rubber ducky or some other fun water toys into play and let your baby discover the wondrous world of colors and shapes in the cuddly comfort of a warm water embrace. Just make sure to take your little one out of the tub once the water starts to cool off.

Dry and toasty

Baby’s body isn’t used to the cold yet, so dry your precious little one off thoroughly as soon as they exit the tub. Keep them warm with a cute pair of slippers, a comfy bed cape or a nice little blanket.

And that’s it! These steps are your guarantee for a fun, safe and enjoyable time in the tub. Good luck!