6 Teething Tips for Your Baby

Teething can be quite the ordeal for the entire family. As a concerned parent, you want to ease baby’s pain (and your bleeding heart) and as a baby…well, we can imagine you just want the discomfort to stop. Use these hassle-free tips to soothe your littlest one and keep teething pain at bay.

Gum massage

This one works great in a bind! Just use your clean finger to gently massage baby’s gums. The soft counter-pressure can alleviate the soreness, and the physical closeness will calm your little one, at least for a little bit. Not getting the desired results with this old-fashioned remedy? Maybe one of the following tips will do the trick.

Chilled foods

Chilled foods (or even a chilled cloth, if you want to prevent any spills or hassle) are a great way to make teething a little more bearable for your precious one. Check out our favorite fruit and vegetable mashes and get inspired! Too soon for solids? Put their bottle nipple in the fridge before feeding for some instant comfort.

Cold fruits and veggies

A similar quick fix is the use of whole fruits or veggies -like carrots or watermelon- straight from the fridge for babies to nibble on, rather than eat. Plenty of parents use frozen foods to soothe teething pain, but frozen treats can be harmful to baby’s gums and health. Want to be safe? Stick with cold items from your refrigerator. 

A teething toy

A little on the nose perhaps, but definitely worth mentioning. There are myriad types of teething toys that were created for the sole purpose of making life a little easier for a teething baby and its parents. Try different shapes and textures until you find the one that works for your little one.


Try to divert baby’s attention away from the painful teething process with a cute musical cuddly  or, if they’re a little older, a ride on this adorable snow leopard rocker. There are very few problems a little bit of fun can’t solve!

Drool duty

Teething babies tend to drool excessively. It’s a little unappetizing sometimes, but completely harmless, save for one caveat: it can cause skin irritation. So load up on those bibs, keep that cute little chin dry, and hang in there! Even happier days are coming.