5 clever tips for expectant moms

Bringing new life into this world is amazing, but also a little bit scary. Are you still a bit concerned about giving birth? Here are a few tips that will definitely put your mind at ease:

Be flexible about your birthing plan

It’s always good to have a plan, but some things are more challenging to put into a comprehensive checklist than others. Labor, for example, can pretty much go any which way. So make sure you go through all of the possible options, be prepared for anything and listen to your body when the time comes. And remember: it doesn’t matter whether you deliver naturally or via C-section, whether you choose an epidural at the hospital or an unmedicated home birth. Every birth is beautiful.

Breastfeeding is not the holy grail

There are plenty of advantages to breastfeeding your child – yes – but not being able to do so is not the end of the world. Some mothers will not produce enough milk or their babies will have trouble latching on, and that’s alright. Bottle feeding does not make you a bad mom.

Feeding can be quite taxing in the beginning, so try to turn it into a fun little ritual. Wrap your little one in a lovely blanket, snuggle them close and take your time. There’s no rush.

Take plenty of pictures

Though there’s no rush in day-to-day tasks, time will actually appear to fly once your precious one is born. So take pictures often, because before you know it, your baby will have turned into a rambunctious toddler. Another fun thing to do is take a weekly reference photo to document your little one’s growth. Use a big cuddly for reference and watch your baby turn from a pint-sized nugget into a little giant seemingly overnight.

Get ready to wash everything

Who knew that babies came with so much dirty stuff? You will be doing laundry a lot. Hundreds of cute little outfits a week. And your baby will need the occasional bath, as well. Invest in a good diaper changing pad and some soft towels or a cool bath cape. And maybe a supersized box of laundry detergent….

Sleep when the baby sleeps

Raising a baby is exhausting, especially at first. You’ll be up several times every night and maybe you won’t be able to tell up from down for a while. So whenever your baby is down for a nap, go to bed and try to catch some much needed z’s. Or take a relaxing bath. A zen mommy is a happy mommy, so be adamant about taking your me-time. And until then: just relax, everything’s going to be ok.