6 tips fo the first day at daycare

The first day of daycare is an important step for all the new mums out there. Whether you’ve spent the last weeks with your baby or months. Whether you are dreading this day or secretly looking forward to it. In any case, this day will be paired with lots of emotions. Practically you really want to be prepared for this day, that way there is a lot less to worry about!

Read the rules

A lot of daycares have house rules. This may seem like a boring document, but it will contain lots of useful information. So read it through thoroughly beforehand so you know what the daycare looks like, what you need to bring along and what happens in times of illness or arriving late.

Let your baby get used to everything

Different smells, different colours, different voices, different sounds… New surroundings can be very stimulating for your child. That’s why it is a good idea to have your baby get used to daycare. You could, for example, visit the daycare for an hour or so two weeks beforehand. That way your baby can get used to the new surroundings while they feel safe because you’re around. A week before the get-go you can maybe leave your child for a little longer while you do some groceries or take some time for yourself. Getting used to this will make things seem easier for baby as well as mum!

Make a list with things you like to say

How do you cheer up your little one? Does your cutie have a nap-time ritual? What does he/she like? When are meal times? Make up a list beforehand with things you would like to mention at the daycare. After all, emotions could get the best of you and you can be prone to forgetting a couple of things. On top of that, every child is different, so this kind of information is very valuable to your daycare.

Bring the necessary things with you

Prepare a bag beforehand with all the things you would like to bring in to daycare on the first day. Consider extra clothes, diapers, a pacifier, a cuddly toy, sleepingbag, formula or breast milk and maybe medication if needed. This can change at every daycare so do check beforehand what you can and cannot bring and definitely read those house rules.

Think about organising your mornings

Bringing your child to daycare for the first time often means you’ll be going back to work as well. Which also means: getting up early and on time. Try to think carefully on how you will organise those tight mornings. Feeding, washing clothing, preparing yourself for the day, having breakfast, dropping of your baby… Who does what and in what order? A clear planning and sharing chores will make sure you don’t suffer from too much morning stress!

Keep the goodbye short

And then there is the hardest part: saying goodbye… Something you would prefer to put off forever, but rationally you know that would not do anyone any good. So keep it short! Give your darling a warm hug and hand him/her over to the teacher. Some tears may be a possibility but you know your baby is in good hands! The carers have a lot of passion for their work and they have probably been looking forward to meeting your darling. So trust that everything will turn out just fine. We promise!