How to protect your baby from the sun and the heat.

Summer is in full swing and the sun just feels lovely on our skin. It’s easy to forget that the delightful yellow orb in the sky could pose quite the danger to our little ones. Don’t fret, though. With just a few clever precautions you can enjoy the wonderful weather with your baby completely worry-free. […]

Tips for taking baby on a picnic

Now that summer is here, we know you’ll want to get out and introduce your baby to the wonders of nature. Yay for you! A picnic is a wonderful, low-key outdoor activity that you can all enjoy. All it takes is a little planning and thought to create a fun, safe and stress-free family excursion. […]

Baby is walking — now what?

Baby takes his or her first steps! Once you get over the excitement, you suddenly realize your life has changed (again!) forever. Gone is the portable little person you could move from place to place and be confident they would stay where they were put. Suddenly your home is a place of discovery and potential […]

Traveling with baby? 4 tips for your (first) vacation

Traveling or going on vacation with your baby can be enormously fun and rewarding, but it can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Here are a few tips to help you get the most enjoyment (and the least drama) out of your family travels. Make travel arrangements well in advance If you’re planning to fly […]

Getting your baby to sleep through the night

Are you at a point of exhaustion where you think that coffee just isn’t going to cut it anymore? That’s alright. Plenty of new parents are struggling to function on the short, precious hours of sleep they do manage to get. Do you have a fussy baby? Let us help you to get on a […]

Life after baby: the 10 best quotes

Having a baby will change your life forever. It’s scary sometimes, sure, but in the end it is beautiful, gratifying and the most wonderful thing you will ever do. We made a list of our favorite sweet and ‘oh boy, that’s so true!’ quotes about becoming a parent. “You learn how to respect your body […]